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About Us

Swede & Eva started Eva's Limousine Service in 1981 in Ventura, being more or less the pioneers in the limousine service. Our utmost goals have always been to offer meticulously clean limousines and having a variety of limousines to fit most needs.

We have been asked many times how we got started. Eva and Swede immigrated to Ventura back in 1980. They were car enhusiasts and have always loved cars from Hot Rods to customs and lead sleds. When they were down south of Los Angeles one day with our friend Hans, they saw a limousine pull up. Boy were they fascinated! We "oood" and "aaahd", finally they said lets try to find one that might need some work and could be a deal. At the time Swede was working in a autobody and paint shop. Well, they looked for many months and finally found one that could use some help.

They left a note on the window and got a call back a month later. Swede talked about it with his friend and thought it was a little pricy for the condition it was in. They had promised to call on Saturday. Well, Saturday came around and his friend backed out of the deal.  Swede and Eva had been planning to make an offer and I couldn't afford all of it by myself.  He didn't call Saturday, this was eating at him inside since he is a man of honor and his word,

Sunday morning came around he was thinking things over when the original owner called. "Swede" he said, "the manager of my hair salon walked off last night with the entire drop. Rents due today, and my landlord is telling me if i don't have the rent to him by 3pm he is going to evict me. That salon has made me more money than that limo ever did. If you can get me half what I was asking for by 1pm the limo is yours."

Well you can guess what happened. Yes it needed a paint job, new tires, hoses under the hood, a battery, and a hundred other things but they finally got her running and looking like a diamond. They used it when their friends came from Sweden to visit instead of the old station wagon they used to travel in. It didn't take long before they were getting a lot of new friends and they wanted to borrow the limousine for moms birthday, sisters wedding etc, etc. 

What really irritated them was that no one put gas in the limousine nor did they clean up the mess inside the limo. This started to irritate the dickens out of them so Swede told Eva "I wonder if there is such a thing like a Limousine taxi company or something like that." Several calls later they ended up talking to a limousine service in the San Fernando valley and they informed them what they charged.

Now they had an idea of what it could cost so they charged a lot less since it was not their intent to be a limousine service, but they wanted to recover their expenses to drive themselves since they noticed that the vehicle was not being pampered the way they were doing it. Well they lost 80% of their new friends and were told a few nasty things, but the other friends said that they didn't think it was unreasonable. Now they were traveling in style.

Their limo made traveling with their friends much easier. It was then that they discovered there was no limousine company's that really serviced the Ventura and surrounding areas. They got an idea to open a limousine company for fun just to have on the side to help pay for the upkeep of the vehicle.  Swede and Eva had fallen in love with the beautiful climate and the people of Ventura, and so in 1981 Eva's Limousine Service was born.  They have now seen over 100 companies open up and seen at least 95 close their doors and they are still in business.

Our attention to detail does not end at our limos. Being licensed is very important to us.  Every time we hear a story about how a company was late, how the limo was filthy or how it broke down it pains us to no end. Please don't risk your loved ones on an unlicensed company.

TCP. 626-B

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